Two fed-up retail employees in a Trump-ravaged America burn down the gas station where they work, post the video they made of it to youtube, and spark a revolution.

- - -

NOTE: we live in profane times, so this is a fairly profane script. Expose your children to it (and everything else) at your own discretion and risk.

ALSO NOTE: Given the current political environment, it is quite likely that this film is un-makeable. So I've decided to share it widely as my own little act of protest. You can download it HERE, and please feel free to pass it around. 

Thanks, and don't forget to RESIST.

- - -


A YOUNG WOMAN’S VOICE gently HUMS a beautiful, plaintive melody that continues as we...



Black, pin-pricked with stars. And there in all that vastness: the planet EARTH. A luminous, shimmering jewel - rotating as the HUMMING grows louder. 

As we draw closer.


The HUMMING stops.

                         YOUNG WOMAN (V.O.)
                Just look at that thing, willya?

The world keeps turning.

                         YOUNG WOMAN (V.O.)
                Maybe I wouldn’t be the way I am if it was more
                like this. If people didn’t have to make it so...
                loud all the time.

The dark crescent-line of night approaches.

                         YOUNG WOMAN (V.O.)
                From this far out, there’s nothing but quiet.
                Calm. Peace.

Now it is night, and the lights of civilization wink into view - dew-drops on a spider’s web. 

And we draw closer.


Down toward one particularly far-flung clump of lights, drawing nearer: the CITY OF LOS ANGELES.

                         YOUNG WOMAN (V.O.)
                No busyness, confusion, or lies. No internment

Nearly there, to a single building...


...with the name “TRUMP GAS & CONVENIENCE” across the front. 

It’s pretty much a 7-Eleven with a new sign... but super rat-bagged. Painful to see, but at least it’s on fire - flames flickering out the smashed windows into the night. 

Two FIGURES stand outside in collared, green uniform-shirts, with “TRUMP” stitched onto them in gaudy, gold letters. 

No one else nearby.

Just a MASSIVE BILLBOARD looming over the store.


                         YOUNG WOMAN (V.O.)
                No him, about to swear in for a third fuckin’

* NOTE: The Balboa-Trump picture is EVERYWHERE in this world: billboards, posters, food products - you name it.


ALDO TORRES (early 20s) paces wildly - clutching a bottle of CHEAP VODKA and facing away from the burning store.

Aldo is Latino, and clearly baked out of his mind. 

He addresses the billboard:

                And you know what else, Mr. President-sir?

Behind him, NINA DRIVER (late 20s) LAUGHS as she films him with a small CAMCORDER. She’s high, as well. 

Nina is light-skinned, with lots of beads and bangles worked into thick, dark dreadlocks. Her wrists and neck, too, bear an eclectic assortment of BLING.

                ...I’m not entirely sure you’re not just a teeny
                tiny bit to blame for all this shit.

Nina LAUGHS wildly.

Aldo HURLS his Vodka-bottle through the smashed window.

The bottle BREAKS.

The fire FLARES and a fresh WHOOSH of flame behind Aldo lights the scene as Nina stumbles back - struggling to keep filming. 

She stabilizes. Her eyes WIDEN.

                Oh, shiii--


                         YOUNG WOMAN (V.O.)
                That’s not me, by the way.



And now we see what Nina sees: 

The fire has grown MASSIVE, and it’s licking at the RACK OF PROPANE CANNISTERS outside the store.


Aldo dances, lost in a drug-hazed world.

                Aldo, c’mon!

Aldo comprehends - but too slowly. 

Nina grabs Aldo’s arm while still filming and TUGS him away. 

Aldo fully clues in. 

They both RUN. 

First toward the pumps and then - Oh, Shit! - away from them, toward the most PIECE-OF-SHITTIEST CAR you’ve ever seen, parked at the edge of the lot.

                         YOUNG WOMAN (V.O.)
                At some point, you’re thinking I’m gonna go back
                and explain how these two came to burn down their
                place of employment...

Flames envelop the propane.

Nina and Aldo are halfway to the car. 

The world is burning. 

Almost there. Stumbling. 

Up, over the car - Nina basically supernaturally still filming the entire way. 

                         YOUNG WOMAN (V.O.)
                ...But this isn’t that kind of story. And the
                truth is...

Aldo and Nina crouch behind the car. Her hand’s over the top, filming, and we’re back on the store as


Propane cannisters ROCKET in every direction. Hot missiles of DEATH flying everywhere and--


                         YOUNG WOMAN (V.O.)
                These two are just getting started.

- - -


CLICK THIS LINK for the rest of the script, and feel free to share, share, share!