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I'm Josh Barkey: Nicholl-finalisting, Page-winning, Sundance-selected screenwriter. In 2017 I was named to the A.F.F. "25 Screenwriters to Watch" list in MovieMaker magazine. I'm repped by Bradley Garrett at Cohen Gardner.

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A grieving widower's plans for revenge are thwarted by the 150th incarnation of God Almighty: a kidnapping, bank-robbing black woman named Marlene.

M.T.D. is a feature-length comedy script by Josh Barkey. 

It was a 2016 Nicholl Fellowship Finalist, the 2016 Page International Screenwriting Contest Winner for Comedy, a 2016 Austin Film Festival Semifinalist, and a 2016 Sundance Institute Official Selection for the Charlotte Screenwriter's Intensive.

Click THIS LINK to view a MARLENE THE DIVINE promotional package, which includes character breakdowns and a brief synopsis of the story.


Two fed-up retail employees in a Trump-ravaged America burn down the gas station where they work, post the video they made of it to youtube, and spark a revolution.

- - -

NOTE: we live in profane times, so this is a fairly profane script. Expose your children to it (and everything else) at your own discretion and risk.

ALSO NOTE: Given the current political environment, it is quite likely that this film is un-makeable. So I've decided to share it widely as my own little act of protest. You can download it HERE, and please feel free to pass it around. 

Thanks, and don't forget to RESIST.

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A YOUNG WOMAN’S VOICE gently HUMS a beautiful, plaintive melody that continues as we...



When an invasive entity latches onto a decrepit station in orbit over earth, a homesick botanist and his estranged lover fight for their lives and the fate of humanity.

COITUS is a feature-length sci-fi thriller screenplay by Josh Barkey. In 2015, it was a Big Break quarterfinalist, and received a Silver Medal in the Page International Screenwriting Contest.

NOTE: The following has sex in it. So don't read it if you hate sex.


A pregnant teenage redneck hacks into the NSA, triggering global catastrophe.

THE SUICIDE CODE is a feature-length sci-fi action/adventure screenplay by Josh Barkey. It was a quarterfinalist in the 2016 Nicholl, Script Pipeline, and Page contests.

Click THIS LINK to view a T.S.G. promotional package, which includes character breakdowns and a synopsis of the story.


An alcoholic veteran angers territorial locals when he drags his estranged son on a camping trip into the Appalachians.

GINSENG is a feature-length drama/thriller/horror screenplay by Josh Barkey. In 2015, it was a finalist in the Nashville Film Festival screenwriting competition.

Click THIS LINK to view a GINSENG promotional package, which includes character breakdowns and a synopsis of the story.

NOTE: The following excerpt contains harsh language. 


A conservative Christian pastor is pushed into a relationship with his gay neighbors, and learns a lesson about love that could save his relationship with his son.

ONLY THE GOOD is a feature-length drama screenplay by Josh Barkey. 

*NOTE: The following excerpt contains harsh language, and a (discreet) description of people having the sexy time. 


A tormented artist under house arrest has just three days left in his tracking anklet when a friend stashes a toddler's backpack full of stolen drugs in his home.

PINK is a feature-length comedy by Josh Barkey. It is currently in post production with Director Austin Herring. Contribute to the film HERE for your very own pre-release copy, and a bucket of unicorn-glitter.

*Note: The following excerpt contains harsh language. 


Things take a turn for the worst when the law shows up to take a retired schoolteacher's grandson into custody.

TWO FOR TEA is a short film that was produced in the summer of 2014 by director Ben Joyner

It has played a number of venues, including the Cucalorus, RiverRun, Nashville, Cincinnati, San Jose, Asheville, and Marion Film Festivals. 

Here's the film (view script-sample after the jump)...

Two for Tea from Benjamin Joyner on Vimeo.


LOCKER 212 is a short film that tells the story of a high school bully who gets his wallflower-victim caught up in a pot-smoking "sting." 

It's an exploration of how making real, human connections with our most lost and hurting kids can help us alleviate the bullying and violence that have plagued our schools. 

LOCKER 212 was produced in the summer of 2013 by director Matt Nunn. It stars Nick Searcy, Jacob Leinbach, and Matt Mitchell.

LOCKER 212 from Matt Nunn on Vimeo.


A young boy on a visit to his grandmother's house discovers something wonderful through the power of imagination.

No script for this one, which stars my son at age six (and my parents, at age not-gonna-tellya).

I co-directed this baby with my buddy Jared Freeman, and despite my son's raging fever during the shoot and our complete lack of a budget, I think we managed to come up with something pretty nifty.

Gnomes from Jared on Vimeo.