Logline: Teenage genius Jayce Loman hijacks an untested time machine into a post-technological future where his is the most hated name in history.

FOUNDER is a feature-length screenplay by Josh Barkey. It is adapted from the novel JAYCE (Also by Josh Barkey, and available on Amazon HERE).

- - -



JAYCE LOMAN (late teens) walks confidently down a long, narrow passage lined with a tangle of pipes and cables -- lit with a sickly, artificial glow.

Ventilation HUMS over it all.

We see Jayce in silhouette only, and his head is haloed with a cool-blue, electronic glow. He has a black-and-neon, vinyl backpack slung over his shoulder.

                Almost there.

A female, teenage VOICE (slightly tinny) responds.

                You're welcome.

                As if. I coulda' got this far with my eyes 

                Then why didn't you?

                Because I--Hold on.

                No, wai--

Jayce's halo disappears, as does the girl's voice.

Jayce ducks sideways into an alcove, his departure revealing the beam of light coming from a side passageway at the "T" intersection up ahead.

A tense, loaded silence, punctuated by the growing CLUMP, CLUMP, CLUMP of booted feet, and then a GUARD appears at the intersection.

The Guard turns, revealing a light attached to an automatic rifle -- which he shines in Jayce's direction.

Jayce FLATTENS against the wall, further into the shadows.

The Guard taps a fitted, matte-black band on his wrist, and a HOLOGRAPHIC RECTANGLE appears in the air in front of him: a hovering maze of passageways.

A light-green, BLINKING DOT marks his place at the "T"

A few other green dots move around the complex maze. All clear. The Guard clumps on.

Jayce peers out.

Our first good look at him reveals a thin, angular face with deeply-intelligent eyes.

He reaches out a hand translucently-gloved with a network of holographic, electronic-pathways, which are projected across the back of his hand from a wristband like the guard's.

Jayce twiddles his fingers.

A hearing-aid sized, matching device in his ear (called an earwig) projects a curved, translucent window in front of his face -- the source of the aforementioned halo.

Images and bits of data flash in front of him, reflecting off his bright, attentive eyes.

The one constant is a live video-image of a cute, curly-haired redhead -- whose VOICE we heard earlier.

Her USERNAME displays below her feed.

This is AERLI.

NOTE: Until otherwise indicated, all Aerli's interactions will be through Jayce's hologram -- speaking directly into his ear.

                What the hell, dude?

Jayce steps fully into the hallway, and walks toward the "T" intersection.

                There was a guard.

                What? Weren't you running the program
                I gave you?

Jayce twiddles his fingers again, and the same passage-maze the guard saw appears on his screen.

                I thought you were gonna ping me when they
                got close. I can't watch everything.

                I could.

Jayce turns left at the "T"

                Almost there. I'mma cut you off in
                case it echoes when I'm inside.

                No. I wanna see what--

Jayce twiddles his fingers. Aerli disappears.

He steps into another alcove. On the wall: a ladder, with a security pad next to it.

The ladder leads to a HINGED GRATE on the floor.

Jayce twiddles his fingers again.

His earpiece projects a beam of light out at the pad. A floating, holographic image of a human eyeball appears at the end of the beam.

A light from the pad scans the eyeball. The grate CLICKS open.

Jayce pulls up the grate and crawls down the ladder, down into darkness.


Jayce climbs down, down, down, toward...


The most advanced physics lab you've never been allowed to see, protected by an unbeatable security system... a system that's about to get pwned.

Activation-lights on cameras flicker off, then on. Rotating laser-arrays disappear. A panel lifts up from the roof overhead, and Jayce drops through the opening.

- - -

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